Reader Reviews of The Kurdish Connection:

Slide1***** Outstanding Debut! Very apropos to today & Randy really knows his stuff. Well-written and thought-provoking. Worth every second of reading time. Get your copy today! This is an outstanding debut. I hope to read more from this author. Mom5kidz

***** Great Book! Outstanding book. I read this with interest from from the first page. The characters are completely believable and the setting can only be described as “war torn”. Once you start it, you can’t put it down. Bill D. Slack

***** Exciting New Author. When Kurdish scavengers uncover a deadly hoard left over from Saddam Hussein’s armoury, they see the chance to fight against oppression of their people. Unfortunately, the stash includes canisters of deadly sarin gas, which, in the wrong hands, can unleash unspeakable suffering on innocent people. Bedlam Alpha, an international team formed to prevent conflict, must recover the cylinders which are now hidden in multiple locations throughout politically tense Syria and Turkey.

Randall Krzak’s debut novel contains all the elements of a powerful thriller. A crack international team. An impossible mission. Terrifying stakes. But this is not just another thriller; Randall’s intimate knowledge of the Middle East makes this a fascinating read. He has a talent for bringing people and places to life, and has left me with a better understanding of the mentality that fuels conflict in this troubled region. This is an author to watch, and I look forward to his next novel. Jill Thornhill

***** An excellent read. I enjoyed the characters and fast pace. I look forward to reading the sequel. The author did a great job. Gestalt

***** Pleased to finally get it into my cart. I had the opportunity to read this before it came out, and I thought, well Brad Thor, move over. The headlines of late certainly make me think RK has a wide understanding of the conflicts and put them forth quite well. Pleased to finally get it into my cart so I can read it again. Cmahoney

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Reader Reviews of Dangerous Alliance:

Dangerous Alliance with CIBA award(1)***** The next Tom Clancy. Join the Bedlam Team for a journey of intrigue and action on a virtual “thrill-a-page”! Randy’s in-depth first-hand knowledge of the countries combined with his intelligence background make this fiction novel as close to non-fictional as possible. One of those “can’t put down books” for all who enjoy world travel, spies, and special operations combined with a tremendous story! His ability to intertwine characters page after page will keep you entertained throughout. A must read without a doubt! Les Stahl

***** A nail-biting thriller. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and it won’t be the last.

Krzak masterfully weaves together four subplots all aiming toward a powerful ending. In the background, throughout the book, is a poignant and moving story of a man separated from his family. The man constantly faces a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t dilemma. Plenty of crisp action scenes pull you from one chapter to the next. Krzak knows how to turn a literary phrase. One of my favorites was: “Evelyn pulled the wig from her head, years draining away.”

You follow the groups of determined characters, some of whom are quite creepy, as they take care of business with some horrifying results. I will never be a spoiler, but the author pulls it all together toward the end, as if all the characters have gotten together for a meeting.

If you like an engaging read with a lot of imaginative stories tied together, this is definitely a book for you. Highly recommended. LynDa Moran

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Reader Reviews of Carnage in Singapore:

carnage in singapore-001(1)***** Oh, wow! This is one of those books you don’t want to put down! Just when you think you know what’s coming up next, there is a plot twist and a turn you never expected. The opening is strong, and it grabs you from the very first paragraph and won’t let you go. The characters are believable and you immediately form a bond with the good guys. Bedlam Charlie is the name of the group led by none other than a character named Evelyn Evinrude, an unforgettable name. As the title of the book suggests, the pages are filled with carnage and angst, adding a feeling of danger and dread to every page. Your heart pumps harder as the author delves into the deceit and utter disregard for human life that plays out before you.

Author Randall Krzak’s writing style is smooth and interesting as he describes each scene in vivid detail. He’s extremely knowledgeable in what goes on in the background of military maneuvers. Being a gifted and talented writer, he knows how to add suspense. The fast-paced action follows the Bedlam Team through their struggles and victories as they combat international terrorism at the highest level.

Evelyn Evinrude and the team rush in to defeat the terrorists who have settled in the nation of Singapore after having captured the ambassadors of the United States of America, Great Britain, and Australia. The terrorists have amputated part of a finger from each of the captured ambassadors and continue to threaten more bodily harm if their demands are not met.

You won’t want to miss this one. It’s a great study in military maneuvers and what it takes to defeat and defend, capture and annihilate. I highly recommend it. C. Huff

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