Testimonials About The Kurdish Connection:

Slide1“The Kurdish Connection—a compelling read. A story of friendship, danger and intrigue.” — Ann Everett Amazon Best Selling Author.

“Refreshing, intriguing, and insightful tale by a budding author. Randall’s authentic voice adds a powerful push to keep a reader turning the pages.” –Janet Taylor-Perry, author of The Raiford Chronicles, The Legend of Draconis Saga, and April Chastain Intrigues.

“Topical – Engaging – Intriguing – Powerful. Randall Krzak has created an action-packed story with unforgettable characters and vivid descriptions. A real page turner.”–Rikon Gaites, author of Mummy’s Little Soldier and Darius Odenkirk

“Syria, Iraq, Turkey. Randall Krzak brings his wealth of experience living in this troubled part of the world and his military knowledge to bear in this exciting story. He has created a plausible scenario involving the struggle to establish an independent Kurdish nation and a U.S. covert operations unit determined to intervene before it goes too far.”–John L. DeBoer, author of When the Reaper Comes.

“Page by page Randall takes you on a journey full of history, suspense, intrigue, and action as you travel across a multitude of countries with the Bedlam Special Operations team in their quest to recover the cache of weapons and maintain international peace. This is a MUST READ for all!”–Les Stahl, Retired NSA Executive.

“A fast strike team is put into play to avert an international disaster when a trio of scrap peddlers find an underground Saddam Hussein cache of chemical weapons. Kurdish patriots want to use the deadly canisters to free a rebel leader from a Turkish prison. The clock is ticking double-time as the team rushes over dusty Turkish and Syrian roads, around political machinations and double-crossing plots to the cliff-handing ending.”–Michael Kent, author of the Lieutenant Beaudry series.

“Randall Krzak’s government career and living abroad gives him both the technical credentials and credibility to craft an entertaining, fast-moving thriller. The Kurdish Connection takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through a tangled web of conspiracy and rival factions bent on instigating a Kurdish uprising. A hand-picked international team–Bedlam Alpha–under the direction of a clandestine headquarters in Washington D.C. intervenes after intelligence reports reveal the rebels intend to use sarin gas to inflict mass casualties. With the conflict believed to begin in a matter of days, there is no time to lose for the Bedlam Alpha Team to navigate a dangerous field of competing factions to find and neutralize the gas before it can be deployed. Readers need to fasten their seatbelts for a fast-paced tale made believable by a writer who knows what he’s writing about.”–Preston Holtry, author of the Morgan Westphal mystery series and the Arrius trilogy (forthcoming).

“The Kurdish Connection – A behind the scenes story, ripped from today’s headlines deepening the reader’s understanding of an ancient strife.

“Filled with exciting characters possessing both depth and humanity, conflicted with doubts and beliefs yet possessing strengths cleverly developed by the author’s in-depth understanding, this book takes the readers to a land in flux. The story begins with the discovery of a cache of valuable weapons, including many that might turn the advantage of old tribal rivalries. We’re exposed to friends of friends, foes, spies, and leaders both secular and those who employ an ancient religion to control and work toward an eventual victory. So many times, the reader feels on firm ground thinking he knows who wears the white hats. Just as quickly, the author introduces another circumstance forcing the reader to question his own beliefs, just as the characters question theirs.

“Easy to read, filled with the sights and smells of the market place and secret meetings, the reader is admitted to the secret heart, the desperate longings of those that must fight and win, or see continued subjugation by their masters.

“As I read, my thoughts drifted to another work: The Fist of God by Frederick Forsyth. The same kind of heart pounding action, solid and believable characters, figurative and literal cliffs to navigate, and glimpses into the hearts of men, the reader reaffirms we may all be truly the same beneath the skin. For those of us who enjoy an action thriller and a fireplace, you will like this book.”–Oliver F. Chase, author of Marsh Island, Blind March, Levant Mirage, and Camelot Games (forthcoming).

Testimonials About Dangerous Alliance:

“Once again Randall Krzak leverages a career in government and the experience of living Dangerous Alliance with CIBA award(1)in the regions he writes about to give added credibility to Dangerous Alliance, another fast-paced, international thriller and a worthy follow-on to his debut novel, The Kurdish Connection. This time the “Bedlam” operatives must deal with the intrigues of the North Koreans working to bypass international sanctions in an alliance with Somali pirates to buy oil with military arms. The Bedlam Teams are further challenged when their mission is expanded to rescue an heir to the British throne kidnapped while volunteering in a Somali refugee camp in nearby Kenya. Reminiscent of Lee Child and Vince Flynn, the author gives the reader an adrenalin rush that will keep you turning the pages.”—Preston Holtry, author of the Morgan Westphal period mystery series and the Arrius Trilogy

“Randall Krzak strikes again, this time with Dangerous Alliance, a novel constantly on the move with an inconceivable partnership between North Korea and Somali pirates. The North Korean ‘Supreme Leader attempts to circumvent international petroleum sanctions by entering a pact with the Somalis to provide them with weapons to further their terrorism in exchange for oil. Charged with thwarting the dangerous alliance, the multi-national special operatives ‘Bedlam’ must rescue a British Royal family member held hostage by the terrorists. Filled with action and suspense this ride around the world will turn the pages on their own.”—AJ Wallace, author of the Sideways Eight series, featuring FBI Special Agents Sean Murphy and Charley Faraday

“An exciting roller coaster of emotion, action, and a kinship borne of dedication against impossible odds. Strong men and iron women committed to the truth and each other in a battle to preserve the world from those that take life without thought. This tale will not let you down.”—Oliver F. Chase, author of Camelot Games, Levant Mirage, Blind Marsh, and March Island

“In response to an unlikely alliance between North Korea and Somalia pirates, Bedlam Bravo, a team led by Colonel Trevor Franklin (Ret.), is introduced. Randall describes the team’s progress through increasingly perilous situations as they attempt to unravel the many layers of diplomacy and cunning to meet their goals. Hooked on the action from page one, I was unable to stop reading—and neither will you.”—B Douglas Slack, author of You Only Love Twice

“Like a gourmet chef, the author keeps a bunch of pots on the stove, cooking them up to a wonderful feast at the end, when all the sub-plots come together in a terrific ending. A true thriller.”—Russell F. Moran, award-winning, best-selling novelist, author of The Gray Ship

“Author Randall Krzak masterfully takes characters and settings most people are not familiar with and creates a rich story with sympathetic characters and lush backgrounds. These are not places most people would tread, so it’s nice to learn about them through the eyes of a man who has personal knowledge of them. Randall’s amazing mix of intrigue and suspense will keep you turning page after page.”—M.D. Neu, author of The Calling and The Reunion

“Page by page Randall takes you on a journey full of history, suspense, intrigue, and action as you travel across a multitude of countries with the Bedlam Special Operations team in their quest to recover the cache of weapons and maintain international peace.” This is a MUST READ for all!”—Les Stahl, Retired NSA Executive

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