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Forthcoming Novels

Mission: Yemen, Xavier Sear Thriller Book 2, the sequel to Mission: Angola.

Mission- YemenXavier Sear is thrust into a new adventure when he accepts an under-the-table assignment from a longtime friend, Ron Vincent. A former CIA operative, Sear takes on any and all missions, which appeal to his sense of justice.

Abdullah Bashari, a retired Yemeni geologist who dabbles in archeology is embroiled in the bitter struggle between the Houthis and the government. He reaches out for help to save his family. A wealthy man, he offers to reveal a damaging secret Saudi Arabia is trying to keep hidden.

Life-threatening danger abounds as Sear visits Yemen and creates a plan to help Bashari’s family escape. However, Hussein Khan al Mishari, a young Saudi prince, threatens to undo Sear’s intervention in pursuit of his own deadly game. Who will be victorious?

Temples of Abydos

AbydosHistory professor Sylvie Burness and her husband, Charles Wilkie, a renowned Greek archaeologist, are seeking a new project after spending years cataloging Celtic sites throughout the United Kingdom.

Long fascinated with Egypt, Charles proposes an excursion to one of the lesser-known locations, Abydos, a historic city that played an important role in ancient Egypt. Sylvia agrees and together they plan their trip.

Unbeknown to them, an unethical antiquities group called Guardians of Shadows are using one of the Abydos temples as their hideout.

Will Sylvia and Charles be able to evade this group and escape with their lives or will they be entombed in Abydos for generations?

Planned Novels

Slide1Trek for Survival

Twins Maddison and Michael Jones both enjoyed a variety of outdoor activities—biking, climbing, kayaking, running, skydiving, and spelunking. Although they maintained their competitiveness throughout all pursuits, they shared another common theme—each was the other’s best friend.

After they working a multitude of odd jobs to pay for college, they graduated from Michigan State University with degrees in molecular biology, and both acquired positions with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). At first, the job dealing with humanitarian crises taxed their abilities, but as their skills improved, they sought new and more rewarding challenges for their leisure time.

Since their personal pursuits took place in North America, they decided to take a two-week vacation in Kenya after their latest assignment, hoping a change of scenery would reenergize them. Little did anyone know, but the excursion of a lifetime might end up as a one-way trip.

Slide1New World Revolution (Book 1)

The members of the Alexander family are hard-working tenant farmers in northern England. In 1770, massive crop failures threatened the very existence of the farmers. William Alexander and his two sons, sell what they can of their crops, but are unable to pay their debt, forcing them into a difficult situation.

The landowner’s factor takes pity on the Alexander family since they always paid their debts and never caused any problems. Since they could pay their way to the New World, the factor arranges their passage. They work off the costs as indentured servants to his brother, a wealthy tea merchant in Boston.

Little does anyone know, the Boston Tea Party and other events leads the colonies into a fight for their survival. What will become of the Alexander family?

European Caper (A Bruce & Smith Thriller Book 3)

European-Caper-HRLarry Samson, a former DEA agent, and his wife, Cindi, a semi-active certified public accountant, check in for their flight to London, to begin their annual European river cruise. Before they board the aircraft, they’re asked to check into a drug smuggling ring using pleasure craft to move their goods through the various European capitals.

Shortly after they depart from their initial location on the river, they meet an American couple, Javier and AJ, who are on their honeymoon. They identify themselves as friends of Larry’s boss.

Before long, the couples are mired in a conspiracy with an Eastern European drug ring. Sparks fly as they take on the smugglers, who attempt to kidnap the women.

Will Larry, Cindi, Javier, and AJ be able to trace the conduits and pass the information along or do they run afoul of the group and end up in harm’s way? Only time will tell.

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