The Old Apple Tree

In July 2015, I entered a writing contest on The Next Big Writer website (thenextbigwriter.com).  I didn’t win but it was a good test as there were two restrictions:  the word apple had to be used at least once in the story, and the story was limited to exactly 99 words–no more, no less.  Here was my entry:

The Old Apple Tree

There is an old apple tree outside our house.  While it provides shade during hot weather, it’s a friendly haven for birds and wildlife year round.

Feeding stations are nestled among the branches, providing life-sustaining seeds, suet, sugar water and even oranges. From black-capped chickadees to hummingbirds, jays and cardinals, a cascade of color visits our apple tree.

Squirrels like the apples, as do the deer.  Wild turkeys abound to eat fallen seed, while     raccoons search for hidden gems before scampering away.

Our apple tree is a sanctuary for all and we love to see the creatures, large and small.

© Copyright 2016 Randall Krzak. All rights reserved.

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