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Blogging 101 – Day Five

Good morning/afternoon everyone,

Woke up to brief glimpses of red as the sun tried to poke above the horizon. Didn’t last long as clouds have rolled in. At least it’s warmer 32F/0C. Took Tyson out on his leash this morning, good thing, too. About 20 feet from the front door stood a large doe. Tyson tried to chase but couldn’t as the deer scampered away.

I tried a few more themes last night but so far I’m satisfied with what I have, although that can always change. When I first set my blog up last week, I tried around 20 different themes before going with TwentyTwelve. I don’t want a busy background as I think that my distract readers from the written word.

I’ve added another snippet to Morsels from The Kurdish Connection, my current novel in progress. Today I’ve added a bit from chapter two. Hope you’ll stop by for a read. If you do, please remember these are only snippets so there might be some gaps in the story’s flow. Beginning tomorrow, I’ll try to add in a few photos for local color.

Many thanks, Randy


2 thoughts on “Blogging 101 – Day Five”

  1. Hey, Randy. Interesting post regarding Day 5 assignment. I’m about to dig into that very lesson right now. I’ve played around with customizing with various themes previously, but I’m looking forward to doing so with more guidance and input from this class. A good day to do that, too, since it’s gray and rainy and good to be inside! Have a good one. 🙂

    1. Hey, Mark. Many thanks. Good luck with the lesson. I’ve just posted another chapter (37) of The Kurdish Connection on and for review. We’re supposed to get rain and snow this afternoon so I’ll be doing some critiques on those to sites, keeping up here, and trying to work on chapter 38.

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