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Blogging 101 – Day Nine

Another interesting assignment but in some ways a tough one because there are so many talented people posting articles that inspire, teach, provide a story, and give us pause for thought.  In yesterday’s blog I listed five that caught my attention, but I could easily have listed 15-20 blogs without blinking. 

In keeping with today’s assignment, I’m referring back to one from yesterday’s list. It’s an article titled, “Writing a Story Inspired by a Dream.” which can be found on

Ann talks about how dreams inspire her writing, whether shared through a story, a novel, or just a tweet.

So what inspires me to write?  It varies–I don’t think dreams have helped me thus far, but it’s likely they have by resurfacing later. Sometimes I’m inspired by my surroundings, other times through reading and conversations.

Case in point.  Last year I joined a website to work with other aspiring writers to improve my writing skills ( Shortly after I joined, a writing contest was announced–seemed simple, use the word apple at least once and keep the submission to exactly 99 words.  We have an apple tree, so I stood and looked out the window for a few minutes.  Words seemed to flow to me and within no time at all, I had my 99 words. They’re posted on my blog, under short stories (can’t get much shorter, I don’t think).

The next context they announced was about creating a superhero.  I thought, science fiction, not really for me, although there are a number of SF authors I’ll read.  The deadline was about 45 days away.  Didn’t give it another thought, until one afternoon, my neighbor’s father stopped by to say hello.  He did this from time to time and we always had a good chat.  No exception on this day and he was telling me about some of the things the people working for him experience while delivering the mail (he’s the post master).

That evening, I took a look at the criteria for the superhero contest. The idea came to me, write a different type of story about an ordinary hero.  Postal Man was created (also posted under short stories). Based on the feedback I received, I’ll be working this into a children/young adult novel, The Adventures of Postal Man.

The first novel I’m working on, The Kurdish Connection, is loosely based on real world events, augmented by some of my travels and experiences, as well as feedback from reviewers.  Earlier this week, I posted chapter 38 on and for review. Several readers are already waiting for the next chapter:)

In an earlier blog post I mentioned one of my readers sent me three sentences that she thought would make a good story.  I agree, and you can find the premise for A Cartel’s Revenge linked under novels.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are many things that give me reason to use my brain and see how I can craft something.  One day, perhaps I’ll be published. If not, it won’t be from lack of trying.  To sum up in one word what inspires me–life.

Look around you–something will always inspire you.

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  1. Thanks for that wonderful post, and also thanks for sharing my article on your post. I need to edit this post, because my writing is not usually that bad. LOL Thanks again Randall

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