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Found My Publicist

I’ve spent most of today either checking out blogs or working on The Kurdish Connection. When I went into my email, there was a notification that I had received a new critique on chapter 37.  Opening it up, I couldn’t believe what was written. The guy has given me good feedback before, but I think I need to hire him as my publicist. According to his profile, he’s retired from advertising after a forty year career.

Below is his critique.  I’m sure you’ll understand why I need to hire this guy:)

“This is getting boring. I am waiting for Randy to write a chapter that I can dislike. NO ! another ground breaking chapter. I love the way that the plot draws you in and it seems as though the reader is a fly on the wall able to see, hear and understand each characters’ thoughts and behaviour. The timeline is self evident and in view of current world events it is a story that is totally up to date. I have known military personnel , I have listened to their stories of real life events and blow me, Randy must have been in the thick of it.

The characters, events and actions are as real as life and very, very believable . I cannot praise this work too highly and I believe that all of Randy’s writing is becoming addictive, especially for me and I feel that many others will agree with me.

Finally, I have never been that far east, but with the descriptions in the story, I feel as though I have been there.

Keep up the excellent work Randy, you have a dedicated fan of your work and I won’t be the only one, trust me.”

27 thoughts on “Found My Publicist”

  1. I am very intrigued now! I saw your post in the commons and liked the openness and honesty in your words. Very inviting. I’m glad I investigated you 🙂 Jx

  2. Go for it.
    Now you know why I have not read all your post In Kurdish Connection. Not that I don’t want to be your, publicist. I can’t. If you read my post that I am about to publish on my blog in next ten minutes, I am sure you will understand.

      1. LOL. I originally wasn’t going to put any snippets out there but did per a suggestion. Might end up taking it off–the full course should be finished soon enough.

      2. I’m not sure it works. Difficult to choose what to include as a snippet. Also, they could take something out of context. There’s only been four likes, so I don’t think it would be missed if I dropped it.

      3. I think I have told this before. I very much dislike the “Like” of social media because I do not know what is liked. However in this busy world I think we should be thankful for all small mercies.

      4. How true.
        If it wasn’t for the strong recommendations I’ve received from several published authors to use social media to help spread the word about my writing, I wouldn’t be using it. Of course, if I ever get to the stage to have a publicist, they can do it:)

      5. We can’t always be perfect but try to be. to achieve that we need constructive criticism. One of my bosses had once said, it is better to work for an SoB from whom you can learn than one who only gives you platitudes but you don’t learn anything.

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