Randall’s Ramblings – 13 Mar 2016

The clocks went ahead early this morning as we switched to Daylight Saving Time. As always, the spring transition hits harder than the autumn one.  The loss of an hour should be easy to overcome, but the Tylenol PM I took during the middle of the night isn’t helping.

Why I want to Write–What’s Led Me to This Stage in My Life

I’m on a constant search for new and better ways to convey my thoughts into interesting characters, scenes, and dialogue. It’s an everyday adventure as I travel along my writing journey.

Since I ramped up my writing in June 2015, I find myself examining everything for possible inclusion in my stories.  My expository writing rarely, if ever, required the use of the five senses. Vital components of fictions writing, to help readers immerse themselves in the story, I’m now examining sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Am I using all of them in my writing? Not yet, but I believe my use of the senses grows every day.

My Work in Progress

Over the past week, I continued reviewing the various critiques I received on ‘The Kurdish Connection, and adding recommendations into my manuscript.  I’ve now done this for the first eight chapters.  I’ve already edited the prologue and most of chapter one and hope to re-post those this week to the two subscription writing sites I use.

I also completed the draft of chapter three for ‘A Cartel’s Revenge’. Based on feedback for the first two chapters, I’m also working on a prologue. Both should be posted over the coming week.

As I mentioned last time, I’ve created plots for three new stories and given them working titles.  Here’s the initial information regarding ‘A Malicious Affiliation’:

United Nations’ sanctions are crippling North Korea. China has turned her back on her malevolent partner. The North Korean military machine is crumbling, unable to function. Oil reserves are minimal and the government seeks new alliances.

Cargo and tourist ships are disappearing along the Somali and Kenyan coastline at an alarming rate. Speeches abound in the United Nations, but inaction emboldens Al-Shabab to seek their next prize: Kenya. The terror organization controls land but requires weapons.

Soon after Bedlam Bravo is called upon to disrupt their plans, a VIP’s son is kidnapped while on a Peace Corps mission. Can they manage to disrupt the North Korean-al-Shabab axis and save the kidnapped son?

Team leader Colonel (retired) Trevor Franklin leads the small international team into East Africa. Tempers flare as the team is embroiled in a political quagmire. The axis must be stopped to avert an international crisis but will it be at the expense of the VIP’s son?

Books I’m Reading

Over the past week, I finished reading ‘DeathByte’, the sequel to ‘Bloodridge‘ a novel by D.S. Kane.  It’s a great story, as we follow some of Kane’s characters through another action-packed race to recover the plans for Bug-Lok, a potential devastating piece of technology.  If this technology falls into the wrong hands (and it might) and is manufactured, the results could be catastrophic. The American, Israelis, Chinese, and a terrorist organization are chasing the elusive technology. Which one created Bug-Lok, and where is it now? Kane’s written another exciting thriller.

I’m now reading ‘Secret Assault’ by Don Helin and will provide my thoughts next week.

Blog Posts I’d Like to Share

Every week I continue to skim through dozens of blogs, sometimes for enjoyment purposes and other times to help stimulate my creativity. Today, I’d like to share the following blogs with you. Both provide inspirational thought through prose and/or poetry. I hope you’ll find something of interest.

Kunal Rane – a mixture of memories and experience conveyed through prose and poetry.

A Holistic Journey – prose and poetry immersing the reader in everyday events and the author’s own works.

Writing Resources

I don’t have any new writing resources to share with you this week.  I’m currently looking for something that will allow me to capitalize on the use of the senses.  Hope to have an update for next time.

We’ve come to the end of another ramble.  Hope you’ve found something of interest or at least useful for your own writing.  Until the next time, thank you for reading!




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