Randall’s Ramblings, July 10, 2016

Was your birthday yesterday or today? If so, according to historynet.com yesterday you shared a birthday with Ann Radcliffe, an English novelist; Dorothy Thompson, journalist; Oliver Sachs, author; and June Jordan, poet and author.

Notables born on July 10 include: Marcel Proust, French novelist; Saul Bellow, writer; Alice Munro, Canadian writer; Jeremy Herman, songwriter; and Arlo Guthrie, folk singer.

Why I want to Write–What’s Led Me to This Stage in My Life

Last week, I mentioned I’d begin including snippets of ‘A Malicious Affiliation’, the second novel in my Bedlam Series. The story begins in Port Rashid, Dubai:

Intelligence indicated at least ten terrorists kidnapped seven people, threatening to kill them if the ship’s owners didn’t meet their demands. The ship was in port between cruises, with most crewmembers enjoying time with their family and friends.

Trevor moved forward, flipped him over, and secured his wrists with plastic zip ties.

“Where are the hostages?

“Go to hell.”

The guy tried to spit on Trevor, who shove a gag into his mouth, and secured his ankles.

“Don’t go away, mate.”

The assailant kicked at Koning’s head but missed. A paralyzing blow to the man’s thigh dropped him. Koning grabbed the assailant in a chokehold, pressing on the carotid artery until he collapsed.

After securing his hands and feet, Koning prodded the man until he regained consciousness.

“No dossing (sleeping). Where are the hostages?”

“Huh?” The man shook his head.

Ag man (oh man). Are you dof (stupid)? Where are the hostages?”

Koning grabbed the man and propelled him into the wall, knocking him out.

Lekker dux (sweet dreams).”

More next week.

My Work in Progress

Another busy week with yard work taking priority over writing. No further progress on ‘A Cartel’s Revenge’, although the three chapters I’ve posted on my two subscription writing sites have received a total of sixty-four reviews for me to sift through.

Editing of my short story ‘Countdown to Extinction’ continued. It will be submitted to a contest next month. Didn’t have any time left over to work on ‘A Malicious Affiliation’ but hope to be back at the manuscript next week.

I did begin a short story, ‘Trek For Survival’, which will be submitted for consideration in an anthology being organized through http://writers-net.club.  The club is always looking for new members, so click on the link and check them out.

Books I’m Reading

Two weeks ago, I returned to one of my favorite authors, Clive Cussler. I use his novels not only for reading pleasure but also as a sort of classroom text, where I analyze how certain scenes were designed. Mr. Cussler teamed with Boyd Morrison to create ‘The Emperor’s Revenge (The Oregon Files).

Another masterful stroke by Mr. Cussler, as the story leaps through history to modern times and an attempt by a Russian man and his daughter to make billions by electronic robbery. The story begins with an arranged escape from an island prison and an unplanned death. Prior to his imprisonment on the island, the man escaped from Russia with a massive treasure, apparently lost through the years.

The Corporation, led by Juan Cabrillo, is quickly mired in events as the Russian woman siphons their funds from a bank account. I enjoyed the tension and fast pace of this story, and like most of Mr. Cussler’s works, the ‘good guys and gals’ win, although they paid a heavy price, the death of one of their own.  If you’re a Cussler fan, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one, too.

Blogs/Author Pages/Writing Sites I’d Like to Share

I’ve expanded this section from being only about blogs that I follow but also introduce you to some new authors and a few writing sites. Hope you’ll check out the links!

Kevin Brown Poetry – A Northern Irish poet in Belfast, Mr. Brown writes romantic poetry. Enjoy the journey.

Her Dog’s Blog – Over the past couple of weeks I introduced blogs related to cats. It’s only fair I share something with our canine lovers.

Writing Resources

I don’t have any new writing resources to share this week.  I hope to have something as soon as I resume my research. Have an enjoyable weekend.

Once again, we’ve come to the end of another ramble.  Hope you’ve found something of interest or at least useful for your own writing.  Until the next time, thank you for reading!

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