Randall’s Ramblings, July 31, 2016

As another month draws to a close, this one has gone out with a bang, or at least plenty of thunder, lightning, and wind-driven rain.  The storm began just after one a.m. and finally ceased before six a.m., with a few pauses during the period. Right now, it’s 63F/17C, which feels pretty good after the heat and high humidity of the past few days.

Time for birthday connections to the famous and not so famous. If your special day occurred yesterday or today, Happy Birthday to you. Here are the folks from the writing world who share July 30th and 31st:

Emily Bronte, author; William H. Gass, writer; C. Northcote Parkinson, historian and author; Primo Levi, Italian writer and scientist; and one everyone is sure to recognize: J.K. Rowling, author (Harry Potter). Congratulations to all.

Why I want to Write–What’s Led Me to This Stage in My Life

Here’s a bit more from ‘A Malicious Affiliation’:

Khan Soo Chin paced back and forth in the Zhongnanhai waiting room. He glanced at his watch a second time.

He sat, added sugar to the tea provided by a servant and stirred. Soo dropped the spoon and pushed the tea and dim sum across the table. Despite the delectable aromas wafting from the dishes, which caused his empty stomach to rumble, he resisted the urge to partake.

Did they add something to the tea or food?

The ambassador stood and resumed pacing. His thoughts swirled as he searched for a way out of his current dilemma, which began two days ago.

“I realize there is a food shortage. Our factories no longer produce because there is no oil to keep them running. Our military might is teetering toward disaster. This is not my fault. The problem lies with our sworn enemy—America and their puppets in Seoul. We are peaceful, but America wishes for our death.”

“Yes, Supreme Leader.”

“Return to Beijing and request an immediate audience with that fat goat, Huang Fen. Get us oil.”

“Yes, Supreme Leader.”

“And, Soo, just because we grew up together, doesn’t mean I will accept failure. What will become of your family if something happens to you?”

From ‘A Cartel’s Revenge’:

Grabbing their drinks, they strolled toward AJ’s office. She shared the space with the other people in Lintstone’s meeting but had a coveted perk—her own office, not a cubicle.

 “Cozy office.” Javier glanced around the room—desk and chair, four-drawer safe, along with a small conference table and six chairs. A computer and three different-colored phones occupied the desk. A few framed certificates and diplomas, but no photographs or trinkets.  Efficient and impersonal.

“Taken years before I earned one. But I spend more time overseas each year than I do here.”

“I’m with you. Name a hotspot over the past fifteen years and I’ve been involved. Want to slow down a bit but still be active.”

Will be in your AOR within forty-eight hours. Request meeting for myself plus one to discuss possibility of Iranian freighter being used to transport Islamic State personnel to training camps in Panama and Colombia. Any local intel appreciated.

“Perhaps modify local to local/regional as they might possess additional data we can use. I assume the regional chiefs share knowledge on a regular basis.”

“Agree. Will make the change.” AJ’s brown eyes appraised Javier. “For a grunt, you’re alright.”

“For a civvie, you’re not bad, either.”

More next week.

My Work in Progress

I finally completed and posted the second chapter of ‘A Malicious Affiliation’. Within a short span of time, four reviews were completed and helping me with my journey.

Editing continued on my novel, ‘A Cartel’s Revenge’, as well as short stories ‘Countdown to Extinction’, and ‘Trek for Survival.’ Hope to complete at least one of the short stories this week and try to complete chapter five of ‘A Cartel’s Revenge.’

Books I’m Reading

This week I completed reading ‘Darius Odenkirk‘ by Rikon Gates. What happens when you combine a filthy-rich eccentric, a wannabe journalist, and a proper butler? You end up with a recipe for action, intrigue, and plenty of twists and turns.

Darius, the eccentric owner of Crecy House, is dying. Before leaving this world, he wants to share his story. A young, freelance journalist, trying to make a name for himself, is selected. Follow the journey back in time to when Darius first committed a crime (I won’t tell you what it was, you’ll have to buy the book) and why. Learn the real reason Joshua Wishaw was chosen to hear this incredible story. What about the butler? How does he fit in and what crime might he have committed? A gripping murder-mystery story worthy of your time.

Blogs/Author Pages/Writing Sites I’d Like to Share

I’ve expanded this section from being only about blogs that I follow but also introduce you to some new authors and a few writing sites. Hope you’ll check out the links!

Sideways Eight Series – Check out AJ Wallace’s website, learn about the author of ‘Mindfield‘ and other upcoming stories.

Oliver Chase – Learn about author Oliver Chase’s take on life.

Writing Resources

As I’m constantly seeking to improve my writing, this week I’d like to share a link for those who are writing, trying to publish, or market your work. While it’s a blog, it’s full of useful information to help writers. It’s now part of my online resources. Where do you find it? Check out The Creative Penn.

This brings us to the end of another ramble.  Hope you’ve found something of interest or at least useful for your own writing.  Until the next time, thank you for reading!

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