Randall’s Ramblings, August 21, 2016

Another weekend filled with brilliant sunshine and rain, occasionally at the same time. On Friday evening we were treated to a spectacular lightning display over the lake. Numerous bursts lit up the sky. No thunder or rain, but still a good show.

If your birthday is this weekend (I know someone who has one today), you’re in good company: H.P. Lovecraft, author of horror tales; Isaac Hayes, composer, musician, actor, co-wrote “Soul Man” and won an Academy Award for “The Theme From Shaft”; Jules Michelet, French historian, who wrote the 24-volume Historie de France; William “Count” Basie, American band leader and composer; Kenny Rogers, singer; Jackie DeShannon, also known as Sharon Lee Meyers, singer/songwriter, including “Lonely Girl” and “What the World Needs Now”; and Ivan Stang, writer.

Also this weekend, another first, back in 1667. John Milton published Paradise Lost, about the fall of Adam and Eve.

Happy Birthday to all!

Why I want to Write–What’s Led Me to This Stage in My Life

As I continue researching information for homework from my publisher, I looked back on what I’ve been doing over the past year. In addition to completing my first novel, ‘The Kurdish Connection’, I’ve written four short stories. In some ways, I think writing a short story can be more difficult as the elements are the same as for a novel, but certainly compressed. Otherwise, you end up with a novella.

With two of my short stories, I stepped outside my normal action-adventure genre, with one suitable for children and another my first ever attempt at science fiction. Where will the next year take me? Hope you’ll join me for my continuing journey.

No excerpts from any of my works this time. Next week, I’ll include more from ‘A Cartel’s Revenge. I might also have some news to share regarding a condensed version of the first chapter from this work.

My Work in Progress

It’s been another hectic week with plenty of life’s daily preoccupations to contend with. Once again, I spent more time returning critiques for those who’ve been reviewing my work than I did writing. It’s been time to catch up to lend my thoughts regarding their stories. After all, they’ve made the effort to read and comment on mine.

Chapter six of ‘A Cartel’s Revenge’ is almost finished and hope to have it posted to my writing groups over the next week. Work is also underway on chapter three of ‘A Malicious Affiliation’, but it might be too difficult to post both chapters at the same time.

The last touches of my sci-fi short story, ‘Countdown to Extinction’ were completed this week. The story has been entered in a contest held in memory of a novice sci-fi writer who passed away a week ago. She was a member of one of my writing groups.

Books I’m Reading

This week I finished reading Savior (The Savior Series Book 1) by A. King Bradley. An exciting story about the struggles of a teenage superhero, I actually enjoyed it. I don’t remember why I chose this particular story, but I’m glad I did.

Adam Reaper, a sixteen-year old, has a secret. He knows he’s different, but not why. Constantly hounded by school bullies, he eventually learns he has super powers. He meets the girl of his dreams, who happens to be the principal’s daughter. Things begin to change for Adam after being invited to the principal’s house for dinner. Imagine his shock when Monica opens the door.

Joining forces with two friends, one a computer geek and the other, a magician with swords, they take on a group of thugs intent on causing murder and mayhem. When his brother is killed by the group, he swears to bring them to justice. He has no idea who’s behind the group but makes a startling discovery. In the meantime, the government tries to enlist his assistance to take on a villain referred to as The Righteous. I don’t want to spoil the ending, so you’ll have to read the story yourself.  I do look forward to the next installment!

Blogs/Author Pages/Writing Sites I’d Like to Share

I’ve expanded this section from being only about blogs that I follow but also introduce you to some new authors and a few writing sites. This week, I’m returning to two favorites. Hope you’ll check out the links! 

Fleeting Muse – a great site for poetry with a punch.

Down Many Roads – novels and shorts stories, based on where life has taken the author.

Writing Resources

With the homework I have from my publisher, I have plenty of resources to share. Today, I’ll point you towards several links that will help you write a description to draw readers to you. Here are just a few of the links I’m now reading:


5 Tips on How to Write The Best Book Description Ever


Once again, we’ve reached the end of another ramble.  Hope you’ve found something of interest or at least useful for your own writing.  Until the next time, thank you for reading!

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  1. Please share those spectacular shows of lightning and thunder.
    We still have to wait a few months for signs of any rain.
    I did ultimately post a bilingual poem but translated from English to Assamese as part of a poetry challenge for Ghazal format of poetry.

    Thank you so much for mentioning my site.

    1. Would be glad to share our rain. I think we’ve had some every day this week. Threatening more now, but just a few drops so far. Happy to share your site with others.

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