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Randall’s Ramblings, April 16, 2017

Hope everyone has been having a good weekend. For those who celebrate, Happy Easter!

Yesterday’s forecast was for a thunderstorm with a high of 70. The forecasters got it wrong on both. No rain at all, and the temperature reached an amazing 79 degrees! I woke up this morning to brilliant sunshine and already 58 but it’s not supposed to hit yesterday’s temperature. Buds are already popping forth on our trees, the birds are singing away, and we’re off to a glorious day.

My Work in Progress

This week I attended two book signings at district libraries. They gave me an opportunity to share my writing adventure with others as well as answer some questions.  I even sold three books!

One of the best moments was at the beginning of the second session. A woman and her daughter approached me. The girl, who is in the fourth grade, love to write, and when she saw the sign announcing an author would be at the library, she pleaded to attend.  She was too shy to ask me any questions, going through her mother instead. Throughout the time I was there, she sat next to me. I don’t know if she was mesmerized for some reason or if she fell asleep with her eyes wide open, but she seemed to grasp onto every word. What a great experience–for both of us!

A website called Author Shout holds a weekly ‘cover of the week’. I’m pleased to announce The Kurdish Connection is included in this week’s contest and I would be greatly honored if you could take a couple of minutes and vote when the competition begins. You can vote once a day.  Here’s the link: http://authorshout.com/cover-wars/ or click on Author Shout.

The cover with the most votes becomes the book of the week in which Author Shout will promote for one week on their site, shout outs, and in their newsletter.

External events, including yard work, kept me from writing this past week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to resume writing shortly. In the meantime, here’s another snippet from Dangerous Alliance:

“Ag, man. We’re off.” Koning continued to wave at non-existent family members. “Our mission is underway.”

Pun nodded. Assigned to one of the cargo maintenance teams, Koning and Pun squeezed between containers, checking cables and connectors on the port side as Luigi had taught them.


“Oi checked out the Pompeii exhibit.” Fergus waved his forkful of spaghetti in the air. “Hard to imagine fleeing from the lava, yet still being caught. A horrible way to go.”

“Agree.” Nate sipped his red wine before popping a green olive in his mouth. “I’d rather die in bed, a beautiful woman at my side.”

“Ag, man. The catacombs are the best attraction in Naples. Imagine how many people visit the site.”

“You have a strange sense of excitement, Koning.” Nate drained his glass as he finished his antipasto salad. “Hope you haven’t warped Pun’s mind.”

Pun speared a piece of meat from his plate and smiled as he shook his head.


“Should be quiet until we’re in the Indian Ocean.” Trevor nodded toward the bow, where bolts of lightning crisscrossed the heavens. Deep rumbling followed. “The pirates haven’t attacked in the Mediterranean before, but we must remain alert.”

Perhaps more next week.

Books I’m Reading

As I mentioned last time, I finished Justified and Sacrifice by Carolyn Arnold. I enjoyed both but didn’t have a chance to craft my reviews. I hope to have them for you next week.

Once again, we’ve reached the end of another ramble.  Hope you’ve found something of interest or at least useful for your own writing.  Until the next time, thank you for reading!

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