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Guardian Book Review – The Kurdish Connection

Michigan author Randall Krzak’s recently released novel titled The Kurdish Connection is a fast-paced Middle East tale filled with intriguing characters and a plot brimming with such vivid imagery the reader will become engrossed in an adventure on the other side of the world. The Kurdish Connection centers on the story of Iraqi Kurdish scavengers, who in their daily struggle for survival, uncover a cache of chemical weapons.


According to Krzak’s website, www.randallkrzak.com, these Iraqi Kurdish scavengers “offer the weapons to Kurdish rebels in Turkey and Syria to assist in their quest to free an imprisoned leader and create a unified homeland. After receiving a tip form an unlikely source, the newly formed Special Operations Bedlam team is called to arms. Cant he team recover the weapons before it’s too late?”

The Kurdish Connection is Krzak’s debut thriller and will be part of a four-book series. Krzak is a U.S. Army veteran and retired senior civil servant, spending almost 30 years in Europe, Africa, Central America, and the Middle East; Krzak’s knowledge of the Middle East has offered him a firsthand glimpse into a war-torn region making him an expert at creating authentic characters and bringing this area of the world to life. When an international team is sent on an impossible mission, readers will find themselves rooting for the Special Operations Bedlam team to successfully locate and secure numerous sarin gas canisters before these chemical weapons fall into the wrong hands. Concurrently, readers will also be silently urging some of the Iraqi Kurdish scavengers to make the right decision.

Krzak’s military knowledge has aided him in crafting a believable and powerful story. Secret meetings and a desire for revenge contribute to the intrigue as the Kurds struggle to have their own homeland. Krzak takes his readers on a journey that will leave them wondering if this tale really did happen—or could something similar occur in today’s world?

For ordering information, to schedule an interview with the author, and to learn more about The Kurdish Connection and additional upcoming books, please email author Randall Krzak at rjkrcak@yahoo.com, or visit his website at www.randallkrzak.com.

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