Randall’s Ramblings, August 20, 2017

It’s hard to believe how fast the summer is sailing by. While we’ve had several humid days this summer, only once has the thermometer reached 90 degrees, and that was on the 12th of June!

Still, we can’t complain. Despite the unsettled weather, we’re still getting plenty of sunshine. Today has started out with a gorgeous sunrise, the water’s calm, and we’re supposed to reach 82 degrees (although the humidity will make it feel like 90.

A perfect day for another garage sale. We held one yesterday–plenty of people stopped by. We sold a few items. Even better, I sold another autographed copy of The Kurdish Connection without leaving home!

My Work in Progress

Despite real life events keeping me busy, I finally finished chapter 22 of Dangerous Alliance. It was posted to the two subscription writing sites I use three days ago. So far, there’s been seven reviews, with some excellent suggestions to make the story even better.

As normal, the chapter contained a couple of twists for my readers. As one person said, “This is one of my very favorite of your chapters. There’s nothing to complain about here … all is in order. Your writing skill shines bright in this chapter.” Another chimed in with, “Great dialogue. You did a good job of adding emotion to this tense situation. Now, where’s the next chapter?” But as good reviewers do, both pointed out areas for possible improve. It’s great to have such great support!

The next chapter is already underway. At least one twist will pop up in this chapter as I bring back some characters from earlier in the story.

Here’s a bit more from Dangerous Alliance:

Hasan’s chest heaved as he tried to keep his emotions in check. “They knew we were coming.”

Tahliil nodded. “I told them. They’ll be too busy to worry about Dacar’s mission.”

“But … But, Gari was your friend.”

“At one time, perhaps, but he wanted to take over.” Tahliil shrugged, his lower lip covering the edge of the upper one. “He died for our cause.”

Hasan stared at Tahliil, searching for some sign of humanity, a glimpse to indicate his decision to inform the government about the fake Kenyan attack was for the greater cause and not for himself.


Hasan raised the pistol as Tahliil lunged forward to stop him.

Too late.

He pulled the trigger.

Perhaps more next time.

Books I’m Reading

One of the books I recently finished was from a favorite author, Jack Du Brul. The Lightning Stones involves Philip Mercer, a geologist who always seems to be ending up in bad situations. No different this time, but a good twist involving a historical figure ties the past to the present.

While Mercer always seems to sort things out, sometimes he ends up in serious situations where his life can be on the line. This is another well-crafted story, with plenty of descriptions and action. Some might want more action, but I believe Jack has done a good balancing action and I look forward to reading more about Mercer’s adventures.

Next time, I’ll have a review of Neptune Island by Tony Reed and Cool Blue Tomb by Paul Kemprecos.

Blogs/Author Pages/Writing Sites I’d Like to Share

I’ve expanded this section from being only about blogs that I follow but also introduce you to some new authors and a few writing sites. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to browse for new sites this week.

I’m afraid that’s all the time I have today. Hope you’ve found something of interest or at least useful for your own writing.  If you have any suggestions for a topic you’d like to read about, please let me know. Until the next time, thank you for reading!

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