Randall’s Ramblings, December 15, 2019

Yesterday, I made an important trip to Edinburgh Airport. Our son arrived from Washington, D.C. for a two-week holiday visit. Need to say, it’s fantastic to see him.

Earlier this year, we joined Historic Scotland–an excellent way to learn about the history, culture, and the people. One of our first events is today, when we’re heading to Edinburgh Castle for lunch. We’ve been to the castle a couple of times before to see the exhibits and also for the Military Tattoo, but this will be our fine time dining there. More next week on how things went.

So who was born on this date in history? Let’s find out who in the writing world was born on December 15th. (Compliments of http://www.onthisday.com/today/birthdays):

Charles Cowden Clarke, English editor and Shakespearean critic; Henry Charles Carey, American economist (Principles of Poli Economy); Edmond Picard, French-Belgian lawyer and writer (La forge Roussel); Emilio Jacinto, Filipino poet and revolutionary; Ferdinand Hardekopf, German writer and journalist; Hans Carossa, German writer; Pieter Geyl, Dutch historian (History of the Dutch Tribe); Artturi Leinonen, Finnish journalist and writer (Kati); Maxwell Anderson, American dramatist (Winter Set, High Tor); Betty Smith, American novelist (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn); Muriel Rukeyser, American poet (The Book of the Dead); Shan-ul-Haq Haqqee, Pakistani Urdu linguist and writer; Ida Haendel, Polish-British violinist and author (Woman with Violin); Edna O’Brien, Irish novelist and short story writer (Girl with Green Eyes, Casualties of Peace); Donald Woods, South African journalist, anti-apartheid activist and author (Biko, Asking for Trouble); John Sladek, American sci-fi author (Tik-Tok, Bugs);and Michael King, New Zealand historian and author (Penguin History of New Zealand).

Were any names familiar to you? I must admit I was pretty clueless when it came to today’s group. Whether you recognize anyone on the list or not, if today’s your special day I hope you have a great one and many more to follow!

My Work in Progress

1541181671Editing of A Cartel’s Revenge continues. Plenty still to do as I continue to move forward. I’m also working my way through a myriad of potential covers, but I still have time to make a decision.

Here’s another snippet from A Cartel’s Revenge:

The light of dawn filtered through barred windows. It captured a pitiful creature curled in a ball on a dirty mattress, covered by a threadbare gray blanket. Clumps of aged straw held together by the sweat of countless residents served as a pillow. The stench of vomit and stale urine filled the air.

A rooster crowed once, twice, three times. The hapless inmate stirred, moaning as he pulled the blanket over his head as if this would reduce the racket.

Two guards walked between the rows of cells, banging their batons against the bars. “Wake up, you lazy peasants. Inspection time.” One guard, a ragged red scar running from his right eye to his chin, stopped at Alonzo’s cell. “Out of bed. This isn’t a hotel. On your feet.”


What’s going on? Something’s wrong. I need help. Alonzo groaned as he shifted his weight to ease the pain in his lower back and upper legs. Why did they beat me? Do they understand who I am?

“Hurry up, or I’ll give you more bruises.”

Alonzo did as instructed. The guard slapped cuffs on him so he couldn’t move. The man grinned at him. “You have a visitor. He’ll be here soon.” The guard chuckled as he walked away.

Perhaps Ramon? Pedro?

A commotion took place at the entrance to the cellblock. Moments later, Colonel Santiago and three soldiers approached. Grim-faced, the colonel stared at Alonzo, not saying a word.

He hung his head. “Colonel—”

“Silence.” The single word uttered by Colonel Santiago echoed throughout the cells. All conversations ceased.

“Had it not been for my daughter you would rot here.” The colonel continued to glare at him. “I ignored the rumors about your family, but can’t believe your involvement in—in drug running.”

More next time.

Whenever I need an editing break, I continue to work on Ultimate Escalation. The draftsSlide1 of the first five chapters have been completed. To date, they’ve received fifty-six reviews on the two online subscription writing sites I use. Excellent suggestions as always to enhance my stories.

For those who enjoy the twists and turns I include in my novels, there will be more appearing in this one.



Books I’m Reading

Blair Howard’s, The Assassin, the third book in the Harry Starke Genesis series, ranks right up there with his best work. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, as I kept turning the pages to follow Harry and Kate Gazzara as they deal with someone trying to kill Senator Hawke. With a thrilling plot, plenty of realistic characters and loads of twists and turns Blair doesn’t disappoint with this story. As with all of Harry’s exploits, I kept turning the pages late into the evening. My only regret is I have to wait for the next installment in the series! Well done!

This brings us to a close for another week. I hope you found something of interest or at least useful for your own writing. If you have any suggestions for a topic you’d like to read about, please let me know. Until the next time, thank you for reading.

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