Randall’s Ramblings, November 20th, 2022

New Release!

Ultimate Escalation cover artI’m pleased to announce the release of Ultimate Escalation by Solstice Publishing.

Here’s the blurb:

Punjabi militants seek to distance themselves from Indian and Pakistani dominance and interference. With the dissolution of British India in 1947, families were ripped apart as the Punjabi region was split between the two countries. Limited attacks within each country caused further persecution and heartache.

The militants have no idea how to achieve their desires–until the appearance of Vladimir Aleksandrovich Nikolaev, a disgraced Spetsnaz colonel. He offers the militants a means to spark a conflict between the two nuclear powers.

Russian subs sold on the black market and manned by Iranian and Russian sailors will surface off the coasts of the two countries and destroy Karachi and Mumbai. Propaganda machines will levy accusations against each country, leading to escalation of hostilities, pushing the countries to the brink of nuclear war.

The Bedlam organization fields their three teams to counter the violence and seek to restore calm before it’s too late. Will they be successful, or will South Asia become a smoking ruin?

Mother Nature decided we needed rain this week–lots of it! Numerous areas around the county of Fife hasflooding experience severe flooding. The photo is compliments of The Scottish Sun showing the River Eden. We were fortunate as our area is slightly elevated and there aren’t any rivers/streams nearby. What a mess for those trying to get where they need to be!

Looks like strikes are going to impact on most people. Teachers, paramedics, academics and university staff, postal workers, and train drivers are all set to walk out in a space of seven days. Nurses, radiographers, and physiotherapists are also set to strike while firefighters will be balloted on strike action. Those who answer the 999 calls (911 in the U.S.) will also be striking.

On a positive note, the price of gasoline (petrol) dropped another penny this week. So we’re now at £1.61 a liter. With the current exchange rate of $1.19, this makes the equivalent cost of a U.S. gallon $7.25, a an increase of one cent from last week.

The number of American college football games shown on Saturday remained at five. This weekend, there were two from the Southeastern Conference, one from the Atlantic Coast Conference, and one from the Big Ten. As always, I recorded all of them. The Big Ten game featured Michigan playing Illinois, which was a real nail-biter as Michigan kicked a winning field goal with nine seconds remaining. The final score was 19-17 and Michigan is still undefeated at 11-0. Meanwhile, Michigan State lost to Indiana 39-31. with Michigan increasing their record to 10-0 with a 34-3 win. Meanwhile, Michigan State defeated Rutgers 27-21.

Here’s this week’s quote (Compliments of http://www.wisdomquotesandstories.com/):

“Focus on good thoughts and good things will happen. Stay positive. Think positive. Do positive.”

So who was born on this date in history? Let’s find out who in the writing world was born on November 20th, the third Sunday of the month:

Abraham de Wicquefort, Dutch diplomat and historian; Avvakum, Russian Orthodox archpriest and writer; Thomas Chatterton, English poet (Christabel); Josiah Royce, American philosopher (Conception of Immortality); Selma Lagerlof, Swedish author and Nobel Laureate (The Wonderful Adventures of Nils); Willem Vliegen, Dutch journalist and chairman (SDAP); Gerard Wilhelm Kernkamp, Dutch historian and editor (Groene Amsterdammer); Franz Pfemfert, German journalist and writer; Yevgenia Ginzburg, Russian writer; Pauli Murray, African American poet and civil rights activist; Nadine Gordimer, South African author (July’s people, Nobel 1991); Don DeLillo, American author (Underworld); Viktoriya Tokareva, Russian playwright; Haseena Moin, Pakistani television drama writer and Urdu playwright; Rachid Mimouni, Algerian author; and Sheema Kalbasi, Iranian born poet.

Any names familiar to you? I struck out this week. Whether you recognize anyone on the list or not, if today’s your special day I hope you have a great one!

My Work in Progress

I managed to do some more on Frozen Conquest. Chapter nineteen is almost read to post to the two onlineSlide1 subscription writing sites I use. There were another six reviews this week, bringing the total to 323. As always, plenty of good suggestions to improve my story and I’m greatly appreciative of the support.

Here another snippet:

Brown stepped off the executive elevator and breezed past his secretary without a word. He walked into his office, sat, and thumbed through the mail. Nothing worthwhile here—why do I receive so many requests for money—everyone knows I never provide funds to cold requests. Waste of my time and theirs.

Helen slid into the room and placed a cup of coffee on Brown’s desk. “Sir, just a reminder about the board meeting in an hour.”

He sipped his coffee. Perfect. “Why do you think I came back from Antarctica? If I didn’t need to be here in person, I could have stayed there.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Helen, did you give any further thought to being with me all of the time? I’d make it worth your while.”

“Sorry, sir. I’m not too fond of the cold. Now, if you move your operations to a hot climate, I’ll take you up on the offer.”

Brown shook his head. “Can’t blame me for trying. You’re the best employee I’ve ever had.” Even if she does spurn my advances.

“Thank you, Mister Brown.” Helen blushed.

“I better prepare for the meeting. Remind me when I’m ten minutes late—we’ll let the other squirm. I want you to take notes as normal.”

“Yes, Mister Brown.”

* * *

As instructed, Helen waited until after the meeting was scheduled to start before knocking on Brown’s door. She pushed it open.


Puzzled, she headed to the board room. Once inside, she slid into her usual chair, placing her tablet in front of her, ready to take notes.

“About time.” Brown glared at Helen. “Now we can start.” He glanced around the room at his vice presidents: marketing & promotion, finance & banking, consumer services, mining, energy, technology, and construction. He pursed his lips. “Where the dickens is Wendy? I made it clear I wanted her report on efforts to increase our share of global insurance regarding risk management.”

A timid hand popped up. “Mister Brown, she couldn’t make it today. One of her children is home with the measles.”

“Harumph. Very well.” He turned to a woman with blond hair and green eyes. “Rachel, what is the status of siphoning off two percent of all profit from each business segment?”

Rachel swallowed. “I-I met with everyone yesterday. We should start seeing a line item in the books for individual segments by the end of the month.” She gulped. “However, we can only manage one percent at such short notice.”

Brown slammed a fist on the table. “Why is it so difficult? Just move the money as soon as possible. I want the amount increased to five percent by the end of the year. Call the line item Project Green Earth.”

“Y-Yes, Mister Brown.”

More next time.


Five of my novels (all but Revenge) are also participating in a Mayhem & Motives: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Reads. This one allows five books per author and there are currently 146 novels participating.


This brings us to an end for another week. I hope you found something of interest. If you have any suggestions for a topic you’d like to read about, please let me know. Until the next time, thank you for reading and hope you drop in again.

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