Blogging 101

Blogging 101 -Day Four

A Turkish Treasure

Since I’ve spent a number of years living in various countries, I thought I’d share a visit to one of my favorite locations–the Cappadocia area, located on the Anatolian Plain in Turkey.

The landscape of Cappadocia is probably one of the most unusual found anywhere.  Various shapes and colors abound throughout the region as a result of the elements (wind, snow, rain, extreme temperatures), volcanic action, and an underlying layer of soft rock, which can easily be carved.

One of the Cappadocia valleys

Until 1955, many people resided in homes carved into the rock. The hills are honeycombed with a variety of tunnels, some so small you need to crawl to get through, while others are large enough to stand upright (as long as you aren’t a modern-day basketball player).  The photos below shows several exposed residences.  Continued erosion caused the soft rock to split, exposing the interiors. As a result, the Turkish government banned living in these areas and rehoused the inhabitants in nearby locations.

Collapsed Residences
More Collapsed Residences

Several of the eroded formations are referred to as fairy chimneys.  The darker areas on the tops in the photos below are basalt, remnants from the eruption of now-extinct volcanoes.

Fairy Chimneys
More Fairy Chimneys
Even More Fairy Chimneys

Despite the government ban on residing in the residences, there apparently isn’t a problem with the local farmers using the more accessible areas as a refuge for their sheep.

Multi-Level Residence Now Inhabited by Sheep

Although Turkey manufacturers a variety of motorized vehicles, sometimes the best way to get around is still on four legs.

Local Transportation
More Local Transportation

Of course a visit to Cappadocia isn’t just about scenery.  There are many local handicrafts on display and for sale.  For the adventurous, you can also try your hand at making pottery or weaving a carpet.  Below is our son trying out the potter’s wheel at Chez Galip’s Pottery Shop (several years ago).


Chez makes it look so easy:

Chez Galip

Fancy making your own carpet?  Looks like she has a way to go and could use some help!

Carpet Making in Avanos

So that ends our whirlwind tour through Cappadocia. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed it!