Writing Muses

Why Write–Why Not?

Before I retired I churned out thousands of pages of expository writing.  Shortly before retirement, a work colleague and friend (since 1979) suggested I put my writing skills to good use and write a novel.

Since I had worked for the government you could say I was already proficient in writing fiction, but there is such a vast difference between expository writing and creating a plot, scenery, characters, etc.

Dialogue, what’s that? Didn’t have to do that either.  So I’ve completed an online dynamic dialogue course, bought several books related to fiction and dug in.

Since I was already accustomed to creating outlines, putting one together for my first novel came natural.  I had a general idea what I wanted to write about, where the story would take place, and the anticipated outcome.  Sounds simple, right?  My outline is still my bible, keeping me on track, but I do modify it on a regular basis to keep in line with necessary changes.

One thing for certain–this is a journey, one that I’m glad I’ve started.


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