Blogging 101

Blogging 101

Hello everyone,

Look forward to learning more about blogging.  I’m sure there are many people in the class who have excellent ideas and look forward to reading.

Snowing here right now–about two inches in the past three hours and lake effect snow warnings are in place for the next eleven hours.  Might have to get off the computer and clean the driveway, which isn’t an easy task as it’s 1/4 mile!

Forgot to add that we live on the shore of Lake Huron–landfall in Canada is about 44 miles due east.  Lots of birds hanging about our apple tree where we have two seed feeders and two suet feeders.  Today I’ve seen two types of woodpeckers, juncos, chickadees, sparrows, blue jays, and cardinals.

Still snowing!  Up to about four inches now, although looking out in the front yard we have a few drifts between the pine trees that might be about a foot.


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