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Blogging 101 – Day Twelve

Increasing Your Commenting Confidence

Commenting with confidence is something that can take time. Should you be honest or tell someone what you think they want to hear?

Constrictive criticism is the best way forward. There’s no need to be harsh or sickly sweet. What matters is offering constructive thoughts it there might be something amiss or explain why something grabbed you in a particular way.

In the two writing groups I participate in, I’ve left over 700 inline critiques, meaning every sentence has been examined.  SP&G (spelling and grammar) are just one of the areas we’re asked to check.  Readability, flow, clarity, description, imagery, and engagement some of the other areas we’re asked to review, depending upon a writer’s request.

I’ve yet to find something written that I couldn’t find something positive to comment about and build upon.

With today assignment, I’ve looked back at several who responded to the ‘Learning Style’ prompt.  They all one thing in common: they all tell us a story and give us some insight into the author and how they grasp the world around them.

Here are a couple that I really enjoyed:

I hope you enjoy them, too.




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