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Bloggin 101 – Day Thirteen

For today’s assignment, I’ve selected ‘Write Anything Wednesday’ from the ‘Community Events Listing’ so I could share some thoughts about where we live.

By The Lake’s Shore

Today is another winter’s day, much like any other. Cold, overcast, snow predictions–a typical winter scenario. This morning when Tyson went outside, he thought he was in heaven–four white-tailed deer peered toward us before turning away, their tails high in the air as they scurried away.  Tyson wanted to give chase, but a command (or two or three) stopped him in his tracks.  He could never catch them, but I don’t want to encourage him.

Looking toward the water, another vision awaits. Because of the clouds reflecting, the water is varying shades of gray interspersed with a few areas of blue. The shoreline has extended upwards and outwards due to the formation of ice. As the waves push forward, the ice piles up. Now it’s about four feet higher along the water’s edge than normal. Beyond that, it looks like miniature icebergs waiting their turn to land.

In anticipation of flurries, the birds are busy pecking away at their seed and suet, while a lone squirrel sits among them, stuffing his cheeks. Three cats went to inspect but decided at 17F/-8C it was better to remain indoors. Old Ollie decided he wanted to go out. I opened the door just as a gust blew in.  He hissed and growled and walked away–not happy that I couldn’t warm things up so he could go outside to play.

Ollie wanders to a deck door, thinking the weather will be better on the opposite side of the house.  Not so, and he sauntered off in disgust.  I looked at the lake, and the clouds have lightened. As a result, the areas icing over toward the horizon have turned white, reflecting the new cloud cover, like floating marshmallows.

A last look inland and what do I see, but those heavy gray clouds bringing their debris. A gust shakes the clouds, and they sprinkle their burden–the flurries have started, and it’s time for a tea.

Lake Side

Road Side

16 thoughts on “Bloggin 101 – Day Thirteen”

  1. Nice pictures, Randall. My cat, Monkeyface reacts similarly to your Ollie to cold winter days. She mews at me in ways that lead me to suspect that she has a theory about the weather. I think her theory is that, since we people can make food and cream happen from the Great White Box, and we magically make light happen, or not, and open magical doors to/from the outside, that we servants with godlike powers can also make the weather change at will – we just aren’t doing our jobs properly. So The Management must yell at us to make us understand what we must do – turn whatever switch thingy there is that changes the weather. Anyway, sorry about going way off tangent; I enjoyed your post.

    1. Hi Paul,
      I totally agree with what you’re saying. There is no doubt who runs the household, and it’s not a human:( Great description of how we’re treated.

  2. well done, and cool pictures. Good luck on your writing. I’m also an author: I translate novels from English to French. Some are still reluctant to label literary translators as authors, but believe me, it does require a lot of creativity as well

  3. Marvelous photos! They fit your written descriptions very nicely. I like the “floating marshmallows” and the “miniature icebergs.” You’ve captured the scene well. I’m ready for a coffee myself. 🙂

    1. Many thanks! Landfall (in Canada) is approximately 44 miles across the sea:) From a color perspective, the autumn isn’t the best season as most of the nearby trees don’t turn into vivid colors but a dull yellow. But it’s still a great place to be.

  4. I donot think you can color the gray landscapes:). Tea? Must be from your Scottish connection. Where is the road in the Roadside photo. We donot have snow but had a power outage in our area for 17 hrs yesterday. Need to go and check what is the condition of the fridge(:

    1. Actually, I hate tea:) I put the kettle on to make a tea for my wife but a coffee for me!
      Our driveway is 1/4 mile long and because of the trees we can’t see the road except when standing on the driveway.
      Hope everything’s okay in the fridge!

    1. It might be a lake beach but at this location the water’s 44 miles wide. I’ve lived close to the oceans and several seas but never had the pleasure of my own private beach:)

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