Blogging 101

Blogging 101 -The End Has Come

We’ve had a great journey over these past three weeks.  Many thanks to the following for great support:


There is also someone else who needs to be thanked:  YOU! 

Without your interest in learning and sharing, as well as helping others, a course like this would not be successful.  You have made it a success and I will be checking on your blogs to find out about the latest writings, travels, cooking, make-up (not so much for me, but you might be hearing from my son for an interview for his blog), general musings, and great inspiration.  Thank you!

Now, as I look out to the water, I can hardly see–must be getting some offshoots of the East Coast Storm! 

Time for a coffee–until we meet again.

9 thoughts on “Blogging 101 -The End Has Come”

  1. Yes, it seems rather “empty” in the mornings without further Blogging 101 assignments! I’m trying to build upon those various things we focused on during the class. At the moment, I’m working on creating a calendar to help me organize my blogging posts. I’ve also discovered how to schedule a post to be sent at a later date and time. It wasn’t covered in the course, but I assume it might be in the 201 course. Any way, keep up the good work here. 🙂

    1. Likewise, Mark. I’ve been busy catching up on some of the reviews I owe people so haven’t been on here much. My Twitter followers are increasing, going from 51 when I first mentioned it here to 123. At least a couple have re-tweeted Randall’s Ramblings, so that’s a good start. Keep going with yours. You have a winner there!

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