Blogging 101

Blogging 101 – Day Fourteen

Extending Your Brand

Social media is something I’ve never had a desire to use.  However, as it becomes more and more the norm, even dinosaurs like myself must change with the ages or become extinct. Since I want to write and one day have a work published, extending my brand will play a key role in advertising what I’m offering.

A few years ago, I lived on the East Coast of Scotland. Craft fairs were everywhere, within an easy reach.  Since I do pyrography (wood burning) and make a variety of candles, I joined the circuit.  After the first show, I knew I needed a banner for the table announcing who I was and business cards to add to purchases or provide to those requesting one. 

This is when I first started in social media–someone convinced me to join Facebook.  I did and had 44 crafting followers.  But since returning back to the U.S., I haven’t done much with crafting or FB.  I decided to revive my account after prompting from several authors and writers.  That didn’t go over so well.  My account had been labeled “grey” by FB and despite our joint efforts we were unable to overcome this label, so I made the decision to have the account deleted.  That’s in-progress now, so I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks before I can create a new account.  Then as this lesson suggests, I’ll set up a fan page.

For now, my custom site icon will be my face.  Okay, I may need to get an updated photo, but many of the authors I know use their face as a brand.  So it’s been set up, I hope.

As so aptly put by there are plenty of social media networks to explore. I recently set up an account on Twitter–seems to be working as I have 51 followers and the account is less than a month old.  I also have one on Linkedin, but not sure how useful that will be in the long run.  A dozen connections there so far, but I haven’t worked to much on it yet. 

I think this blog, along with Twitter and FB (when it gets sorted out) will be my primary social media networking tools for expanding my brand.  Hope it works, but only time will tell.