Blogging 101

Blogging 101 – Day Fourteen

Extending Your Brand

Social media is something I’ve never had a desire to use.  However, as it becomes more and more the norm, even dinosaurs like myself must change with the ages or become extinct. Since I want to write and one day have a work published, extending my brand will play a key role in advertising what I’m offering.

A few years ago, I lived on the East Coast of Scotland. Craft fairs were everywhere, within an easy reach.  Since I do pyrography (wood burning) and make a variety of candles, I joined the circuit.  After the first show, I knew I needed a banner for the table announcing who I was and business cards to add to purchases or provide to those requesting one. 

This is when I first started in social media–someone convinced me to join Facebook.  I did and had 44 crafting followers.  But since returning back to the U.S., I haven’t done much with crafting or FB.  I decided to revive my account after prompting from several authors and writers.  That didn’t go over so well.  My account had been labeled “grey” by FB and despite our joint efforts we were unable to overcome this label, so I made the decision to have the account deleted.  That’s in-progress now, so I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks before I can create a new account.  Then as this lesson suggests, I’ll set up a fan page.

For now, my custom site icon will be my face.  Okay, I may need to get an updated photo, but many of the authors I know use their face as a brand.  So it’s been set up, I hope.

As so aptly put by there are plenty of social media networks to explore. I recently set up an account on Twitter–seems to be working as I have 51 followers and the account is less than a month old.  I also have one on Linkedin, but not sure how useful that will be in the long run.  A dozen connections there so far, but I haven’t worked to much on it yet. 

I think this blog, along with Twitter and FB (when it gets sorted out) will be my primary social media networking tools for expanding my brand.  Hope it works, but only time will tell.

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  1. I feel your “pain,” Randall. I created a FB page for Spark that’s separate from my personal page; but I’m not actually sure what to do with it, and haven’t actually told FB to publish it yet (in other words, I can access and view it, but thus far no one else can, and nothing’s actually there except for minimal identities). I did, however, set up a Twitter account (you may notice I just started following you there), which I didn’t have before, so that’s pegged to what I publish at Spark, rather than being a “personal” account. I do need to work on using my FB Spark page to reach out to other people and organizations, and build a following there. Anyway, keep writing and posting, and good luck in your efforts.

  2. I don’t know what “gray” means in FB land. I could look it up. But that alone might irritate me enough to stay away from it. Anyway, I haven’t heard how well it actually works for writers. Have you?

    1. In this instance “gray” refers to possible suspicious activity on the account (my old ad campaign) so many account features were locked. They said I needed to provide my business manager id in addition to the account id before they would “fix” the problem. I wasn’t required to set up a business manager id and their instructions to obtain one kept putting me in a loop because of the “gray” label. I’ll talk to several of the authors that are helping me with my novel to see if FB has actually been of use. I’ll let you know what they say.

  3. Good luck with social media! I have a love/hate relationship with it, myself. I didn’t grow up using it, but I do see how important it can be nowadays. I hope you’re able to increase your visibility, and that you accomplish what you’re setting out to accomplish with social media.

  4. I forgot about Linkedin. I have an active profile in linkedin but I use it only for my job related professional work. So I am not going to use that for social networking.
    As you have said, this dinosaur may have to upgrade also.

    1. Since I’m retired I decided to go ahead and use Linkedin. There are a number of writing groups and authors using Linkedin. I’ve sent invitations to several, so will see if this helps increase visibility.
      And who says only the young can do social media??

      1. Let me know your experience of using linkedin.
        I do not have issue with using social media. I have a fear of misuse of the “LIKE” button. Heaven forbid, if you forget to Like one of a 1000 photos of cutipie’s every step!

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